Main ingredients:
» 1 kg. of Love for Food;
» 500 gr. of Desire of Fun;
» 250 gr. of Curiosity for the new flavors;
Cooking classes are special moments, recreational and aggregative, to discover the culinary and cultural roots of a territory. The aim is to make "the dish and the local raw material" live for the Guest who, during their stay in Abruzzo, wants to taste the local cuisine and learn the secrets of the basic, land and sea recipes.
We will be happy to accompany you in specialized laboratories for the realization of the courses and make you taste all the dishes prepared!
It is possible to visit the local markets and be advised and guided by experienced and passionate cooks!

Gifts and exclusive Experiences reserved to Hotel Lido Guests are available!
Available for Groups and individual Guests

For information and reservations contact the number:
(+39) 0861 712666 or fill out the form by clicking here